Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tom & Lorenzo and Uptown Downstairs Abbey

And they say you don't learn things at work... okay, maybe they don't say that, but I learned something at work today and, like most really good things, it wasn't work related.

Today a co-worker put me on to a wonderful website, -- which apparently started a while ago as a blog devoted to dishing about Project Runway. But I'll let Tom and Lorenzo explain it themselves: A fabulous and opinionated gay couple of a decade-plus, we decided the internet was incomplete without our voices, so we launched our first blog, Project RunGay in 2006 in order to enrich the masses with our thoughts and words. Also, because we both worked from home and kept getting annoyed with each other when we tried to have water-cooler conversations. “Did you SEE what happened on Project Runway last night?” “Honey, we were spooning on the couch together, remember?”

They've since branched out to become tomandlorenzo, a pop culture website with plenty of dish on Project Runway and a host of other "reality" TV shows, plus some favorite cult series like "American Horror Story" and "Mad Men".
I can't recommend it highly enough: it's funny, sharp, witty and very well-written. You get the feeling Tom and Lorenzo would make great dinner guests.
And by all means, when you go to their site (and you will, you know) check out the posts on the TV page about "Downton Abbey", where you'll find links to a BBC spoof of the show, populated with Brit stars like Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, and "Sex and the City" star Kim Catrall. Or check it out here:
There's a second installment, too. Then go back and check out more of Tom & Lorenzo.
All too wonderful for words!

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  1. Very fun fashion blog. Thanks for the heads up, Fred!!