Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Message From Kona

Well, it seems our new cat is smarter than we dreamed. The other day we were both out for the day and when we came home, lo and behold, Kona had figured out how to type a message to his original family in Hoboken and send it via email! And all the time we thought he was just sitting there, staring into space. Turns out he was studying us. Hmmm... I wonder what else he has up his, er, sleeve.

In any event, I'm sure you've always wondered what your pets are thinking, so here's a sample: A Message from Kona:

Dear tom and Becky and ThomaS—

Well my New Humans are a Way for a while and They left their computer on so im sending you a quick Message because I know they have been sending You updates about me and I wanted to add my 2 cents. Im still getting the hang of this thing and tYping with 2 paws isn’t easy so I hope U unnderstand. Plus ive been watching how they send the email so here goes.  

I cant believ its been too weeks already and I feel pretty at Home here.  They are nice humans and the one guy Kris –is that right?-- hes the real Cat Person I can tell he had another cats before Me since I can smell at least one other cat in the furniture and the Rugs, which are very nice BTW-- they have a bunch of oriental rugs that are wool which I like... the wall 2 wall I don’t like so much but that’s just Me

Anyway They are Both verry nice to me once I decided  to move in. the first couple of nites i wasn’t so sure but They left me to roam around and sniff and explore and find places to curlup and all and i kept my disdance at first because who knows what kinds of humans these are when They aren’t with you acting all nice and sweet. But it turns out They really are nice and sweet and don’t mind when I curl up on their laps when Theyre on the couch watching TV or at this Computer

They have fish too – a big aquarium in the living room, and the tall one whos called fred he has a small aquarium in the den right near this computer and i can watch the little fish swimming around which looks boring too me. They cant curlup on someones lap or jump up on the shelves and give the humans a hart attack.

They have two flights of steps up to this apartment and i like running up and down them, its very good exercise and once in a awile They let me out so I can explore the hallway but not enuff to suit me so i have been trying to open the front dor but i can’t get a good enuff grip on the door nob. but I keep trying because the tall one Fred, he thinks it’s hilarious when i try and open the door. He also laughs when i fall over with my legs in the air so he can rub my tummy and scratch my chin. And when I sit in the windowsill or curl up on this big wool blanket They have for me he takes pictures and tells me how hansome i am, which is true but it gets a little embarassing

Plus theres a ghost here too. I think I can see him once in a wile, he just stands there looking … well, dead ... but he seems okay. He has a red neck tie and I try and talk to him but he doesn’t answer and the humans fred and Kris don’t know what I’m talking about. So They clap their hands and ask me what im talking about and to be quiet. So what do I do, try and tell them what im talking about or be quiet? It’s kind of a mix message if you ask me.

Last week the tall one Fred brought his brother Robert home from the group home where he lives and I played with him awhile which was nice. Fred took a picture (suprise suprise!) and here it is

Kris has gone to visit his friend Joan and from what I heard when he was on the phone with Her they're going to see some one else called FabberZay (?) who lives in a museum so that means I am alone with the tall one Fred for a couple days. It's fine and we have already taken a couple of naps together.

So I think I hear him coming back from the storr so I’m going to the front door and see if I can sneak out when he opens the door, but hes always too fast for me but its worth a try. And you shuldnt worry about me at all. These new humans are really nice and loving to me and God knows the tall one fred will take all kinds of pictures for you to see. Now I know what angelina and brad feel like!

Love Kona

PS, don’t worry you’ll always be my first famly.  


  1. Fred, this is absolutely delightful! I love it! And I'm glad that Kona is settling in so well.

    Big Hug to everyone in your home, including the ghost.