Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: Auntie Mame

Thanks to my friend Terry Sue out in sunny La La Land. I'm posting this for the Bratprince (who may have already seen it...)

I had thought about a little discourse on the budget battles in Washington and the misrepresentation and outright lies and childishness going on, but... oh, hell, we can all use a smile. Besides I got a clean bill of health on Monday (after the urologist took another Fantastic Voyage) and it looks like the cancer is no more! So, let's celebrate with a woman whose motto was "Life is a banquet and most poor sons of bitches (or "suckers" for the 50's movie version) and starving to death!"

I was unfamiliar with TOQATM until this evening, but apparently he's done You Tube video essays on many of my favorite films! Indulge! Enjoy!


  1. Awwww..thanks for the dedication!!! I adore this fun!! You know that I love 'Auntie Mame'. As a footnote..I'll be most of your readers don't know that the author of 'Auntie Mame" ended up the butler for the founder of McDonalds..Ray Kroc.

  2. I knew Patrick Dennis became a butler, but I didn't know he was a butler for the Ray Kroc (McDonald's) family. Did the family live in River Oaks in Houston, TX? – that is where I heard Patrick Dennis ended up as a butler.